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We sell the original anti-cataract eye-drops Can-C™, the unique carnosine eye-drops, effective in reducing, reversing and slowing the occurrence of

senile cataract.

Can C Cataract Eye Drops

  • Can C cataract eye drops has been proven to reduce the occurrence and slow the development
    of senile cataract.
  • Can C eye drops can assist to lower the intraocular pressure associated with glaucoma.
  • Can C eye drops is also beneficial for contact lens disorders.
  • Can C cataract drops have also been shown to help those suffering from presbyopia.
  • Can C eye drops can be used to treat corneal disorders.
  • Can C eye drops can combat eyestrain.
  • Can C eye drops can ease computer vision syndrome.
  • Can C eye drops can end the discomfort of ocular inflammation.
  • Can C eye drops can restore normal sight to those inflicted with blurred vision.
  • Can C eye drops can alleviate dry eye syndrome.
  • Can C cataract drops have been used with great success in the fight against retinal diseases.
  • Can C eye drops have been used in the treatment of vitreous opacities and lesions.
  • Can C carnosine have a wealth of properties which can improve the function of the aging eye.
What are Can C

Carnosine Drops


cataract eye drops

are non-invasive, anti-oxidant

Carnosine eye drops

containing N-acetylcarnosine a natural and powerful anti-oxidant form of carnosine.
Can C Cataract Eye Drops

Using Can-C

Can-C has been shown to have measurable affects within only 1-month!

The Can-C itself is produced by a pharmaceutical company and then packaged by an approved phthalmic facility. The product is housed within a labeled and printed 6.4cm x 4.4cm x 3.2cm box. Each box contains 2 x 5ml re-sealable vials, along with an insert that explains how the vials are opened, used and sealed etc. more

Success Stories

"I just wanted you to know that the improvement in my vision is amazing. I had got to the point where I could no longer drive due to haziness from my cataracts, and now I feel very secure and am able to see almost as well as before my cataracts was diagnosed. Also I have not noticed any kind of side-effects. I just wanted to tell you how happy I am and that I am definitely...

A.B., Chicago more